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We’re taking the 'personal'
out of Personal Development

The time of the lone wolf is over!

So, you’re into personal development, ha?

If you are anything like us, you care about living balanced, empowered, and with a sense of purpose; to know that your life means something to yourself and the world around you. And you’d like to develop the capacity and freedom to discover, explore and express who you really are, stepping into your highest human potential.

Yet despite your intentions, you have experienced firsthand how easy it is to lose track; to keep yourself busy chasing success, security, love, recognition, and all those values the world has told you to pursue. We sometimes forget that our well-being and our ability to thrive are intrinsically linked to the well-being of others and our planet. 

And we know you!

We know that you have been working hard in your professional career and have achieved some great successes. But despite this, you don't necessarily feel happy or content. You realize that what you thought was once important is no longer so; that your definitions of success and happiness no longer serve you.

Even when you do all the "right" things that society and your family said would make you happy, you are still unfulfilled; even frustrated, tired, and stressed, after all the effort you put into that endless pursuit.

You experience limiting emotions more often than you'd like to. Emotions such as fear, worry or anxiety, frustration or anger, stress, confusion, guilt or shame, insecurity or self-doubt.

And you realize that the skills that have brought you here are not enough to deal with the complexity of today's challenges; they may even be creating unnecessary problems and conflicts, and pushing people away. 

You might even find yourself asking questions like:

Who am I?
What am I here for? What is my purpose?
What is the meaning of all this?

Living life on autopilot is not an option anymore. 

So you have been trying to rediscover yourself; to discover what you stand for, who you really are, and who you are destined to become.

You have been searching for higher meaning; a sense of purpose that can fuel your life. And you may feel the inner pull to make a difference in the world, to create a positive impact in the systems around you.

I am Juan Campoo

Author, trainer & transformational coach, but most importantly... your community host!

Just like you, I was this eager professional, full of ambition. I was working hard and growing fast in my career, creating the life I thought I wanted.

But my health did not agree. I suddenly fell into a burn-out, which was soon followed by a quarter-life crisis that made me question my whole existence and the purpose of life.

But one day I realized something:

I was ticking all the “right” boxes…
just not the right ones for me!
I was doing everything “right”... but
it was not me who was defining what “right” meant.

So I began a life-long journey of transformation. A journey to discover the mysteries of body, mind, and soul. This journey has taken me around the world, learning the most effective ways to help people heal, reprogram themselves, thrive, expand their consciousness, and increase their impact on others.

And I’d like to share with you my latest (and biggest) life lesson…

“Both our wellbeing and our impact are limited to the size and quality of the communities we are part of.”

You are not alone…

In fact, the main reason why you are where you are is that you have been doing it all by yourself. 

You have been missing out on the incredible power of a COMMUNITY!

Communities multiply our impact and well-being, since they provide us with that sense of safety, belonging, and support as we grow into our true human potential.

A (well-designed) community is a place where like-minded/hearted/spirited people can connect deeply, share important personal experiences, celebrate meaningful milestones, look for help, get inspiration and inspire others. A safe space we belong to, where we can come back to consolidate and complement the learning, the growth, and the changes we have invested in and worked so hard for.

Especially if you have been experiencing some kind of expansion of your consciousness, some awakening to new dimensions of existence; you know how lonely it can get. Most people around you haven’t experienced what you have and can’t provide you with the space to discuss, explore and sustain that expansion. 

But not anymore! The time of the (conscious) lone wolf is over. 
And you, dear friend, have finally arrived. Welcome!


What would it be like if you would meet others who share your values, vision, challenges, and feelings; people that speak your 'language' and share your newfound interests and vision of the world?

What would it mean for you to be part of a community of like-minded/hearted/spirited people that are there to celebrate, inspire, support, and (also) challenge you, so that you break free from your limitations and blind spots, and become more who you really are and are destined to be?

Welcome to Beacons!

We are a community of conscious professionals & leaders who absolutely love personal development.

Together, we inspire, challenge, and support each other through ideas, feedback, workshops, and courses, as we realize our human potential for personal wellbeing and positive impact on our families, teams, organizations, and society.

We are the change we want to see in the world!

Why 'Beacons'?

Our world is far from thriving, and that is caused by the self-orientation and unconscious choices and actions of us humans. 

In order for our planet to thrive (and us with it), we are being called upon to awaken, connect and align; to start being part of the solution; to become the species the world deserves and needs. 

All of us have a role to play in the co-creation of safe, caring, and productive environments and cultures. We all can make a difference if we are reminded, encouraged, and empowered to do so. 

Beacons are sources of light, like lighthouses.

There are millions of us out there, conscious enough to know that something needs to change and that that change starts within.

All of us are dormant beacons, with a light that shines from within. And this community is meant to activate that inner light and enable us to become true beacons for others, leading the way to a more loving, compassionate, safe, inclusive, and abundant world.

Beacons are people who strive for:
  • Balance (holistic well-being, inner peace & joy)
  • Empowerment (personal & professional development)
  • Awareness (consciousness expansion)
  • Contribution (making a difference, having a positive impact)

And this community is a sacred place for courageous people to do the hardest, most vulnerable, yet beautiful work: to transform and evolve our consciousness.
It’s an incubator of conscious, authentic, impactful, active agents of positive change; silent heroes that leave a mark wherever they go.  

What you get when you join

A safe, caring, and empowering space that was designed to promote your personal evolution, nurture deep personal connections, and activate your potential for positive impact.


After some time together, you will have become a more self-aware person, more resourceful both mentally and emotionally, with bigger influence, and empowered to make a difference every day.

Your membership in Beacons includes:

  • World-class dedicated community platform.

  • Private app to stay connected on the go.

  • Monthly themes to cover all the areas in your life.

  • Weekly prompts & activities to ignite meaningful conversations.  

  • Workshops for self-awareness, action, and accountability.

  • Worksheets and tools.

  • Challenges that expand your comfort zone and help you grow.

  • Weekly inspiration by sharing resources, experiences, perspectives, tips. 

  • Expert Interviews to pick the brains of thought-leaders and influencers.

  • Community support on the things that matter to you.

  • Accountability system to keep you moving in the direction you want.

  • Insightful prompts & questions to give enough moments of awareness. 

  • Thirsty Thursday’ online meetup to cultivate connections and have fun.

  • Community recognition through ‘Beacon of the Month’ award.

  • Member Spotlight, to get to know, learn from, and celebrate members.

  • Increasing your impact by motivating each other to continue to make a difference.

And what’s really exciting…

Your membership will help sponsor scholarships for inspiring, young change-makers that are trying to improve their local communities, to join us for free in our learning community. 

All of this, in a safe space you can belong to, learn and evolve together, contributing to each other's evolution in this journey we call life.

Founding members’ bonus

(Included in the yearly plan)

Because you’d be joining us in our launch, if you choose the annual plan, you get to take part (for free) in the very first cohort of ‘Mastering Self, Loving Life’.

This is an 8-week, mind-shifting blended program based on the Amazon #1 Best-Seller book: ‘The Mind Canvas: A Revolutionary Approach to Personal Mastery’.

This program includes 

Live coaching calls 

8 live group coaching calls, where I will guide you (and the group) personally, answer your questions, and provide real-time coaching.

High-quality on-demand video lessons

To discover and learn these proven, life-changing models and processes, on demand, and at your own pace.

Workbooks with written exercises 

To bring into your own life what you’ll experience in the videos… I can promise you TONS of “A-HA!” moments plus deep clarity.
*All materials are in digital format

Assignments and challenges 

To help you bring your insights into practice, allowing you to become a truly resourceful person as you move through the program.

Instructor Q&A

I will answer your questions through the program’s feed inside an exclusive, advanced e-learning community platform.

Here's what people are saying about the Mind Canvas

“The Mind Canvas model is absolutely incredible. I have been actively using it and am noticing immediate changes!

This model has simplified and allowed me to put into practice all of the principles I have floating around my head from lots of reading over the years, of people like Eckhart Tolle and Joe Dispenza. 

When I understood the model, I felt a huge wave of emotion and love flow through my body and the message I received was one of reassurance in surrendering to and trusting the universe – “we are with you.”  I feel like a new empowered person.

Matthew Cook
CEO and Co-Founder, the Sustainable Network

Program Value: €1.000 

This will be the price after the 1st cohort. 
But you can join now for free by taking the annual subscription.

If you don't take this offer now (and you go the monthly subscription), you can still decide to join the 1st cohort for €500, once you join the community.

We are excited to welcome you into our evolutionary family.

Join us in becoming the change we want to see in the world!


Next, you will find our plans. All plans include a risk-free 30-day trial period.
If credit cards are not an option for you, please send us an email at [email protected].